Drassanes Exprés


Hospital Vall d'Hebron

+34 934 894 408


Calle de Sant Oleguer, 17, 08001



About Drassanes Exprés

The Drassanes Exprés programme provides a rapid response to demand, avoids saturation of the service and increases access for the vulnerable population to receive a rapid diagnosis and early treatment.

How does the express circuit work?
The circuit offers direct access to people without having to go to their family doctor’s surgery.

They have to make an appointment by e-mail: ccee.drassanes@vallhebron.cat.
Once there, they will be seen in a nurse’s office where, after a brief questionnaire, their needs will be examined, the tests to be carried out will be determined, any doubts will be resolved and they will be informed about the procedure for collecting samples.
After the tests, they will be able to receive the results by SMS or online.
Among the improvements of the Drassanes Exprés programme is the fact that the results of the laboratory samples can be obtained in less than three hours. In positive cases, people receive treatment within 48-72 hours.

Address: Calle de Sant Oleguer, 17, 08001 Barcelona.
Opening hours: Monday to Friday from 8 am to 7.30 pm.
For any emergency or doubt, call 934 894 408 or send an email to the following address: ccee.drassanes@vallhebron.cat.

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